Friday, July 20, 2018

New Authors and Entrepreneurs Podcast - Episode 21: Are You Too Comfortable?

Ray Keating asks: Are you too comfortable? If so, that can be deadly for authors, entrepreneurs and author-entrepreneurs. Keating suggests ways to embrace feeling uncomfortable. He argues that it’s vital to escape the comfort zone in order to spur creativity and seize opportunity.
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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Stephen Grant - Former CIA Operative and Current Pastor - Back to Face Dangers at a Local Comic-Con in HEROES AND VILLAINS

Heroes and Villains is the first short story from award-winning novelist Ray Keating, and it ranks as another exciting thriller. Stephen Grant, pastor at St. Mary’s Lutheran Church on Long Island, a former Navy SEAL and onetime CIA operative, must confront violence springing from a toxic mixture of pop culture and ideological extremism. 

Of course, many people think of Grant as a hero. At various times defending the Christian Church and the United States over the years, he has journeyed across the nation and around the world. But now Grant finds himself in an entirely unfamiliar setting – a comic book, science fiction and fantasy convention. But he still joins forces with a unique set of heroes in an attempt to foil a villainous plot against one of the all-time great comic book writers and artists.

Heroes and Villains: A Pastor Stephen Grant Short Story comes on the heels of Keating’s just-released Reagan Country: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel, which takes readers on a wild ride from the Reagan Presidential Library in California to the White House to a Russian Orthodox monastery to the Kremlin, while also providing a salute to the legacy of Ronald Reagan. 

Ray Keating said, “With Heroes and Villains and Reagan Country being released so close together, I hope that readers have great fun spending this summer with Pastor Stephen Grant. I think these two adventures will fit quite nicely on everyone’s summer reading list.”

In fact, one Amazon reviewer said the following about Reagan Country: “Another fun Keating read, perfect escapism fiction, great for the beach or vacation.”

Keating’s previous Pastor Stephen Grant thrillers/mysteries – Lionhearts, Wine Into Water, Murderer’s Row, The River, An Advent For Religious Liberty, Root of All Evil? and Warrior Monk – have received widespread praise. 

Heroes and Villains: A Pastor Stephen Grant Short Story and Reagan Country: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel are available in trade paperback and for the Kindle from and signed books at 

Review copies, and author interviews and appearances are available upon request. 

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Ray Keating's Authors and Entrepreneurs Podcast, Episode 16: Storytelling Debate from Star Wars

Ray Keating recently finished watching STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI for a second time, while also catching a panel discussion featuring Mark Hamill and the film’s director Rian Johnson. Johnson made a statement that authors, directors and people who enjoy stories in all formats need to consider. It’s really an age-old question over which we discuss, argue and disagree, sometimes quite strenuously.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Ray Keating's Authors and Entrepreneurs Podcast - Episode 15: Reagan Country and Being Open to Ideas

Ray Keating talks a bit about his new book, REAGAN COUNTRY: A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL, but not in a shameless, self-promoting kind of way – well, at least not completely. Keating chats about the need for being open at all times to ideas for new ventures, offers a couple of firsthand examples including where the idea for REAGAN COUNTRY came from, and highlights a few handy ways to make sure you’re ready to capitalize on new ideas, stories and ventures.

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You can buy REAGAN COUNTRY in paperback or for the Kindle at, and signed books at

Ray Keating's Authors and Entrepreneurs Podcast - Episode 14: Lessons from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Episode 14: Lessons from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Can authors and entrepreneurs learn anything from now 19 Marvel movies and counting? Absolutely. From “Iron Man” to “Black Panther” and now “Avengers: Infinity War,” Ray Keating discusses some lessons from what Marvel Studios and Disney have accomplished.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Ray Keating's Authors and Entrepreneurs Podcast, Episode 13 - 17 Simple Book Marketing Rules

Ray Keating serves up some simple and relatively cheap rules or ideas to help in marketing your books. He covers a wide range of activities, and concludes, “If you don’t feel just a touch shameless in your book promoting, then you’re probably not doing enough to promote your books.”

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