Friday, May 16, 2014

5-Star Review of The River

The first review is in on "The River: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel" on Amazon (for now on the Kindle-version page). In his 5-STAR review, Pastor Dustin Parker writes:
"As a pastor, I often explain that life really begins in baptism, as does this book.
"But often, we forget that, as we struggle with the details of life, the challenges of being sinners yet saints. We are challenged by our desire for justice on our terms, and we struggle with justifying our sin, or condemning our own sin as unforgivable."As Stephen Grant and his friends, and yes enemies and relatives, we see a picture of that kind of journey. Wrapped around a very well developed action adventure novel, this struggle of mankind is so well played out. Even if this wasn't a book with a pastor and faith, I would rate it a five, along with the best of WEB Griffin and Ludlum. But it is more than that - because the struggle of faith is revealed as well. The Christian life is revealed to be what it is, lived in the world, yet not of it. Challenged by being both being a sinner, and yet a saint.
"Ray Keating does a good job....a very good job in combining faith, adventure, guns, and real a real world relationship, that ends where it begins, united to Christ, and too His family.
"Of the Grant novels, I think this is Keating's best.

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