Saturday, November 26, 2016

Celebrate Advent with An Advent for Religious Liberty

Celebrate Advent this year by enjoying Ray Keating's timely thriller AN ADVENT FOR RELIGIOUS LIBERTY: A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL.

Author Tyrel Bramwell wrote:

Ray Keating’s third Pastor Stephen Grant Novel, An Advent for Religious Liberty, continues to bring to life this heroic pastor. What pastor doesn’t want to be like Pr. Grant? What parishioner doesn’t want him as his shepherd?!... 
I don’t know if it was originally released during Advent, but I wish I would’ve read it during Advent. As a novella it packs an intriguing story into a quick read, perfect for the busy-ness that comes with December! 
Mayor-elect Adam Pritchett’s over the top personality is Trumpian (for lack of a better word), which enabled me to buy into the rapid and overt attack on religious freedom in the story. How it’s stopped, well, that’s on par with how I’ve come to expect Pr. Stephen Grant to handle things – like a boss.

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