Saturday, September 25, 2010

Newsday’s Ellis Henican on Keating and Warrior Monk

“Ray Keating’s new novel is called ‘Warrior Monk’? Funny, I always thought of the former Newsday columnist as a bit of a warrior monk. Go get ’em, Ray.”

– Ellis Henican, Newsday, on his blog

Thanks, Ellis!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Warrior Monk Novel Features Former CIA Assassin Turned Pastor

Long Island, NY – Former Newsday columnist and current Dolan Media Company columnist Ray Keating has published his first novel – Warrior Monk: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel.

Warrior Monk revolves around a former CIA assassin, Stephen Grant, who has lived a far different, relatively quiet life as a parish pastor in recent years. However, a shooting at his church, an historic papal proposal, and threats to the Pope’s life mean that Grant’s former and current lives collide. Grant must tap the varied skills learned as a government agent, a theologian and a pastor not only to protect the Pope, but also to feel his way through a minefield of personal challenges.

Keating said, “My hope is that this is an entertaining, compelling story of murder, action, humor and romance, while touching on various religious, moral and political topics important to the twenty-first century, including conservatives versus liberals in Christianity, terrorism, torture, extreme environmentalism, and the challenges of relativism, militant secularism, and radical Islam.”

Review copies, interviews for the media, and author appearances are available upon request.

Advance praise for Warrior Monk:

“Ray Keating has created a fascinating and unique character in Pastor Grant. The way Keating intertwines politics, national security and faith into a compelling thriller is sheer delight.”

- Larry Kudlow, CNBC’s “The Kudlow Report”

“CIA intrigue, the Vatican, international terrorism and brutal assassinations make Warrior Monk a fast-moving, riveting read right out of today’s – and tomorrow’s – headlines. Add challenging religious issues, which the author makes us confront, and you have a brilliant novel. Ray Keating knows what he is writing about and writes it extraordinarily well.”

- U.S. Congressman Pete King
Ranking Member
House Homeland Security Committee

“Holy Scripture and unholy gun play in the same novel? Exactly - and you'll love the combination! Warrior Monk offers a riveting mix of action, romance, and intrigue, served up by a master wordsmith. Keating's Pastor Stephen Grant manages to wield both Bible and bullets with equal expertise. Grant is clearly in control whether in or out of the pulpit.”

- Paul L. Maier, best-selling author of A Skeleton in God's Closet

About the Author

Ray Keating is a writer, newspaper columnist, economist and adjunct college professor. His work has appeared in a wide range of periodicals, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, New York Post, Newsday, Los Angeles Daily News, The Boston Globe, National Review, The Washington Times, Investor’s Business Daily, Long Island Business News, Colorado Springs Business Journal, New York Daily News, Detroit Free Press, Chicago Tribune, Providence Journal Bulletin, and Cincinnati Enquirer. Keating lives on Long Island with his family.

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