Friday, April 5, 2019

A Business Plan - An Action Plan - for Your Book!

A Business Plan for Your Book, Manuscript Assessment, and/or Copyediting - Visit 

Ray Keating provides a personalized, 12-point business plan for your book, including identifying your market; ideas for using social media to promote your book and interact with readers; a media release for your book created by Ray Keating; suggested advertising options based on various budgets; specific actions you can take for working with the media; identifying a variety of promotional tools that fit with your book; steps for identifying speaking opportunities; and more, depending on the specifics of your book. This is a a roadmap for you to follow.

Additional services...

Manuscript Assessment and Feedback on Your Book

Ray Keating will read your book, and provide an “Assessment and Feedback” memo that offers thorough thoughts and suggestions, such as on story, plot, characters, dialogue, clarity, consistency and structure. Throughout his career in writing, business and teaching, Keating has always appreciated constructive feedback for his own efforts, and believes that such feedback is critical for authors and entrepreneurs. Ray Keating’s “Assessment and Feedback” service focuses on the complete book, pointing out the positives and suggested areas for improvement.

Copyediting for Your Book

Perhaps your book simply needs a quality round of copyediting. Ray Keating offers that service as well. The copyedit will not touch the content of your book, but instead will focus on issues like spelling, punctuation, grammar, terminology, and capitalization, along with matters of continuity when it comes to plot and characters. This is especially critical for authors who plan to take the indie or self-publishing path.

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